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All aboard, Sanjou Transport Line 555 is now departing! I'm your conductor, Bael, and welcome to a gateway to the Multiverse. Take a seat and get comfy as we visit exotic locales on the way to the next destination~ I like to stream a variety of games, whether hyperfixating on one game for a long period or switching games in quick succession, but my main preference falls towards JRPGs and strategy games. One of my passions is tokusatsu, I just love to gush about it from time to time! If you enjoy shows like Power Rangers, this might be up your alley as well! I hope to one day amass a respectable collection of toku merch~ I'm also a bit of an aspiring artist myself, but I'm still *very* new to the field so please be patient with my process!
I'd love to get to know you all and be friends with everyone, wherever and whenever! Full speed ahead, on stage!
Bael Sanjou

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