What is V-Oshi?


What is V-Oshi?

V-Oshi strives to bring high quality merchandise to the communities of Virtual talents and entertainers of all sizes! No matter your dream, V-Oshi wants to help make merchandise that meets your desires and brings joy to everyone!

What makes V-Oshi special is that it's not only run specifically with Vtubers (Virtual YouTubers, Streamers, and Entertainers) in mind, but that it is managed and ran by a Vtuber as well! Knowing the industry is crucial for meeting the expectations of customers and the talent! This is one of the ways that helps V-Oshi stand out from other merchandise shops.

Not only that, but the talents that V-Oshi collaborates with are all given full creative freedom to customize the experience their community receives when opening a package from their favorite creator!

What does V-Oshi mean?

The V in V-Oshi stands for Virtual! Oshi (推し) is a japanese word that literally means “push” but is now the common term used for people who are a fan of something or someone. You can use this to describe your favorite creator! It's commonly known as“ stan/bias” in western fan terms and the word is widely used not only in the idol scene but also actors, voice actors, anime/game characters and so much more!

Together, the name means Virtual Oshi because by purchasing items from V-Oshi, you're supporting your Oshis!

Who is V-Oshi?

V-Oshi is managed by Kisaka Toriama, a former Vtuber and artist in the online space. She has been creating merchandise and selling online and at in-person events for over 5 years. She managed Leaflit / Angel's Sword Studios merchandise from 2021-2024 as well. Kisaka strives to give each and every customer a unique experience that makes them excited for more. Additionally, she wants to give communities of all shapes and sizes a way to receive high quality merchandise without sacrificing that personal touch that you aren't able to receive from on-demand storefronts and companies.