Collection: Bao the Whale

The 52-hertz whale became a vtuber! Oh no. Hi, I'm Bao The Whale! I've been an indie vtuber since I debuted in October 30th, 2020. My story is inspired by the 52-hertz whale, the loneliest whale in the world. No other whale would sing back to this whale because it's voice was too high of a frequency for other whales to hear. And that's why I wanted to become a vtuber! To become less lonely find others who want to hear my voice and my music, for better or for worse! Nowadays, I love making my Baobble Buddies smile and laugh. I used to think my singing was the only special thing I had to offer. But now I realize it's my ability to make friends and build a community that loves me for me. I also have really nuclear shits.
Bao the Whale