Collection: MachoGoSavage

Macho is the cream of the crop Pro Wrestler Vtuber. He is an master at all crafts, such as drawing, wrestling, games and being Macho. He is living proof that Ohio is in fact, very real. He does not write lore down because all that matters is being buff and Macho. The only thing he hates more then not being properly oiled up is JABRONIES. He has held the Macho Vtuber Championship belt since he was born, proving that he is the most Macho Vtuber east of the Mississppi, West of the Pacific Ocean, South of the Great Lakes and North of the South Pole. With a body sculpted from the most Macho materials known to Macho kind, standing at 6ft 2in, 269 pounds, To make his debut to all the screaming fans in the Macho Arena and the videoscope.. Here comes MACHO… GO… SAVAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!