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YanchaGoGo Sweat 11x17 Poster

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Also available as a 5x7 poster!

11" x 17" Poster made with a Premium Matte finish.

All posters are sent in a separate poster roll to keep the print safe from any damage while in transit, so they will be shipping separately from other items!

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Flying in from the depths of hell, hauling 420 lbs of solid steel muscle and towering at 6'9"(*source needed), she is the manananggal demon queen of the ring, YanchaGoGo! She is a Virtual Monster Girl who's a tired Office Lady by day and a Virtual Pro-Wrestler at night. She likes to play variety of fighting games, horror, and single player experiences when she's not jobbing out to the system with her work-session streams. Her GALter ego is YanchaGal, a Virtual Peach-Mango Pie Flavored Gyaru VTuber who loves her money, Gundam, first-person shooters, and her piggies~

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