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Tea the Khajiit 5th Anniversary Multi-Layered Standee

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This stand is made of Acrylic and measures at approx. 8.25 x 6.25 inches total. This is a multi-layered acrylic stand meaning the background and character are available in separate pieces for you to assemble easily yourself! It gives the illustration a 3D look!

The first layer features the character, the second layer contains the clouds, and the third back layer contains the heart on a beautiful star holographic film on top.

Illustration by:


Hello, I'm Tea! I'm a smol cat VTuber on Twitch who is approximately three potatoes tall.

I am a Stream Team Partner with the Elder Scrolls Online, but I also play a lot of Nintendo games like Fire Emblem and Pokemon. I also love drawing cute cats, which is how this very merchandise line designed after my VTuber avatar came to be!

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