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Tatsurii Ahoge Keychain

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Hold the key to comfiness by acquiring this Ahoge Tatsu keychain!


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This keychain is made of acrylic and features a rose gold keychain clasp. Keychain is double sided and measures at 3.5" tall.

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Receive a special thank you note card and themed packaging from the creator when you purchase this item!


Hoi~! My name is Tatsurii, but you can also call me Tatsu or Tat! I am a ricebol VTuber who loves food a "little" bit too much (by a little, I mean a LOT). I really love to stream, especially games like Yakuza! I also love singing, eating, looking at food, buying food, FOO- (rest of message deleted because it was literally about food). I am forever grateful for all the support you have shown me, and I hope that I can continue to make you happy, one stream at a time! I'll continue to do my best~!

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