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Nyaruchuuu Acrylic Plate [PREORDER]

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*This item is on PREORDER from September 6th - October 9th. Once preorder ends then orders will be shipped containing this item 4-6 weeks afterwards. Please avoid combining preorder and non-preorder items to ensure a speedy delivery of your order. If you'd like to receive your items as fast as possible, consider placing two separate orders.


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The acrylic plate measures at approx. 10 x 13.5" and features two metal fasteners that keeps the acrylic plate upwards in a slanted position much like a photo frame.

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"タイガー、ファイヤー、サイバー、ファイバー、ダイバー、バイバー、にゃーにゃーにゃるーー! I'm nyaru! Nice to meet chuuu!" Nyaru is the eternal shooting star idol VTuber running toward her bright dream. After failing to become an idol in real life, she decided continue shining bright on a virtual stage. Now a variety streamer under Shirayuri Productions, she still has the passion to find success and prove to the world she can be a successful idol, no matter what dimension she presents herself in!"

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