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Mozumi Pichi Sticker Pack

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Sticker pack includes:

2 Mozumi Pichi Logo Stickers (1 Full Ver, 1 Simplistic)

1 Mozumi Pichi Chibi Sticker

1 Mozumi Pichi Peeker Sticker*

1 Mozumi Pichi Mozzumite Sticker


Stickers are up to 3.5" in height/width. The stickers are made from a durable matte sticker paper making these stickers fade resistant and water resistant.

*Peeker sticker is made of our regular durable matte sticker paper. It is not made of high performance vinyl and will not withstand weather on vehicles. It is not recommended to use this sticker on vehicles.

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Mozumi Pichi


Nice to meetcha! My Name's Mozumi Pichi, but you can call me Mozzu! I'm a scrappy unwashed stray just biding time until my next flan binge. If you can stand the smell, come join me behind the P*peye's parking lot for fun times a plenty! From retro and niche games, to soap eating tier lists, to making crystals from my bodily fluids, there's something for everyone! Down some Pichi Punch™, hold your breath, and catch me over on YouTube!

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