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Mozumi Pichi Limited Bundle Pack

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 Bundle pack includes:

1 Mozumi Pichi Shaker Keychain

1 Mozumi Pichi Multi-Layered Stand

1 Mozumi Pichi Mousepad

1 Personalized Thank You Postcard (Mozzu will sign your name! Make sure to include your name in the order notes otherwise your shipping address name will be used!)


Product Details: 

The keychain is made of acrylic, double-sided, contains a layer of Epoxy on the front side and features 4 shakeable charms inside the drink. The keychain clasp is a teal green. This keychain is approx. 3" tall.

The stand is made of Acrylic and measures at approx. 5.5 x 7" on a 13.75 x 5.5" base. The stand is a multi-layered acrylic stand meaning the background, foreground and character are available in separate pieces for you to assemble easily yourself! It gives the illustration a 3D look!

Item is approx 10.25 X 8.25" and features gel in the bottom section to help wrist support when using a computer mouse!


Illustrations by: https://twitter.com/KamenDroidhttps://twitter.com/MozumiPichi & https://twitter.com/cone_huraku

Mozumi Pichi


Nice to meetcha! My Name's Mozumi Pichi, but you can call me Mozzu! I'm a scrappy unwashed stray just biding time until my next flan binge. If you can stand the smell, come join me behind the P*peye's parking lot for fun times a plenty! From retro and niche games, to soap eating tier lists, to making crystals from my bodily fluids, there's something for everyone! Down some Pichi Punch™, hold your breath, and catch me over on YouTube!

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