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Mozumi Pichi LIMITED Birthday Bundle Pack [LIMITED PREORDER]

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*This item is on PREORDER from November 20th-December 16th. Once preorder ends then orders will be shipped containing this item 1-3 months afterwards. Please avoid combining preorder and non-preorder items to ensure a speedy delivery of your order. If you'd like to receive your items as fast as possible, consider placing two separate orders.

Product Details:

Bundle pack includes the following items:

1 Ca-Pichi-No Specialty Mug / Stein, 1 Mozumi Pichi Glow in the Dark Enamel Pin Set, & 1 Limited Set Exclusive Digitally-Signed Postcard, signed with your name!

Signed Postcard details: If you're interested in having the name signed on the card differ from the name on your shipping address, please include it in the order notes prior to completing checkout.

Mug details: This mug is handmade, featured in a chestnut brown with a green top glaze. There is a 3D clay design carved on the front. It holds up to 20oz of liquid inside and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. The bottom of the mug features a design of the Mozzumite being crushed by the mug being placed down.

Pin details: 

Each pin comes with a gold metal backing and come together in a velour bag.

The Mozumi head pin is 1", has a shiny copper finish and is made of soft enamel, featuring an epoxy coating on top, making it silky to the touch.

The Mozzumite pin is 0.75", has a shiny copper finish and is made of soft enamel, featuring an epoxy coating on top, making it silky to the touch.

The logo pin is 1.25", has a shiny copper finish and has a 3D depth to the final produced pin.

*Please note that the pin images provided are a mockup and the final product may differ slightly from the mockups.

Illustration by: https://twitter.com/yiyi_025

Receive a special LIMITED EDITION postcard (illust: https://twitter.com/saire00) and themed packaging from the creator when you purchase this item!

Mozumi Pichi


Nice to meetcha! My Name's Mozumi Pichi, but you can call me Mozzu! I'm a scrappy unwashed stray just biding time until my next flan binge. If you can stand the smell, come join me behind the P*peye's parking lot for fun times a plenty! From retro and niche games, to soap eating tier lists, to making crystals from my bodily fluids, there's something for everyone! Down some Pichi Punch™, hold your breath, and catch me over on YouTube!

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