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Limited Mokabean Signed Birthday 7x5" Print

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All 5″ x 7″ Prints are made with a high quality Satin Paper that is silky to the touch and brings out all the colors of the print brilliantly.

This item is a special limited print that was hand-signed by the talent themselves. Signed prints may not be available after preorder period is over.  Additionally, you will receive a special thank you note card and themed packaging from the creator when you purchase this item!



I'm Moka!
If you're reading this, you lost the 50/50 and summoned me... Ehe~
I'm a clumsy alchemist, but I'll try my best to make you proud, summoner!
You can watch me stream on Twitch 3 times a week, or follow my Twitter for unhinged posts and my artwork!
Thank you so much for supporting me! You won't regret summoning me!