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MariMari_EN Crown Sticker

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This sticker is 3 in width and is made from a durable matte sticker paper making it fade resistant and water resistant.

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Hi fincels! I'm MariMari, the number one goldfish princess on Twitch! As great as it is to be royalty, there's nothing I love more than to let loose, crank my hog, and play video games! I'm not very good at them, but you have to admit: my persistence is admirable and I'm not one to back down from a challenge. Looking for a good time? Stop by and I'll show you one! From gaming, to doodling, to talking about butthole for several hours straight, I can do it all! It's a fish eat fish world out there, so buckle up and enjoy the ride while you still can. Let's laugh and have fun together in the fishbowl!

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