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BrookiecookieVR Sticker Pack

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This sticker pack comes with 3 unique stickers. The sticker pack includes the following: BrookiecookieVR Fresh Baked Chibi Sticker, BrookiecookieVR Silly Goober Chibi Sticker, and BrookiecookieVR Logo Sticker. The logo and silly goober chibi sticker measure at 3" in height, the fresh baked chibi sticker measuring at 3.5" in height! The stickers are made from a durable gloss sticker paper making these stickers fade resistant and water resistant.

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Receive a special thank you note card and themed packaging from the creator when you purchase this item!


Howdy! I’m BrookiecookieVR, but you can call me Brookie! I’m a small, chaotic pink catgirl often found making goofy videos on TikTok or streaming VRChat. My community members are known as my crumbs (a bunch of crumbs make up a cookie!). If you’re one of my crumbs, you probably know my favorite color is pink, I’m a Graphic Designer, and I have a cat named Chicken. Grab a plate of freshly baked cookies, sit back and relax, and catch one of my cozy streams on Twitch!

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