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Yuria Oshi Card GEN 01

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With or Without Clear Sleeve

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Have you ever wanted to show off your Oshi and help other people find their content? Ah, but maybe their name is long or hard to spell so it's difficult getting those around you to follow your favorite creator. And even then, they know nothing about them! With these Oshi Cards, not only does it give a bunch of fun information about your Oshi, but the back features a QR code that'll take them straight to your Oshi's social media!

Product Details:

This card is made of plastic, similar to the plastic used in a credit card, so it can withstand heavy usage and fit in a wallet! Alternatively you can put the card in a clear sleeve and hang it from your lanyard at a con, at work, or throughout your daily life!

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The Lyrian Chronicles IP started as a tabletop game among friends that ran for several years. Currently we have four virtual streamers within the same universe, an original TTRPG in alpha testing, an original soundtrack and many other media forms in production.

All of our projects take place in the same world, and we invite everyone to become a part of it through our soon to be released TTRPG and Video Games.

We're creating a WORLD of content.

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