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Kisaka Debut Bundle Pack 1

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Celebrate Kisaka's Debut with this bundle pack!


Bundle pack includes:

1 Kisaka Debut Standee

1 Kisaka Toriama Button

1 Kisaka Debut Sticker Sheet


The stand is made of Acrylic and measures at approx. 7.50 x 4.25 inches.

The pin-back button measures at 2.25 Inches.

The sticker pack comes with 4 unique stickers. The sheet measures at 6x4". The stickers are made from a durable matte sticker paper making these stickers fade resistant and waterproof.


Illustration by: https://twitter.com/kami8san & https://twitter.com/yanoyanen

Kisaka Toriama

Kisaka Toriama isn't your average cat girl! Not only is she an Artist who loves to create characters, but she also loves to game, bringing her loud personality everywhere she goes!

Discover Kisaka Toriama